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Previous inspections

Prior to our most recent inspection we had been working with Ofsted and have put together the following action plan.

We have received letters from our local Ofsted inspector regarding our progress since our last inspection, you can view these here:

Mabe Community Primary School Ofsted report 2015
Mabe Community Primary School - report f[...]
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Post Ofsted Action Plans moving forward 2019

Key Improvements needed:



Principal Judgements



What key improvement is required to make the judgement more secure or to progress to the next grade?

The Quality of Education


Curriculum review to ensure that the curriculum meets the needs of all pupils, teachers have good subject

knowledge ensuring that all pupils develop the knowledge and skills resulting in them achieving well.

Introduction of RWI to improve the standards of phonics and reading across the school

Introduction of T4W to improve the standards of writing across the school

Partner with the English Hub and the Maths Hub

Improve the quality of provision in Foundation subjects


Leadership and Management


Governors and Senior Leaders to ensure that all statutory duties are met.

Leaders to ensure that inadequate teaching is eliminated

Leaders need to adapt the curriculum so that it is ambitious, challenging and designed to ensure all pupils have the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life.

Leaders to raise the expectations and aspirations of all staff including support staff.

Leaders to provide effective support and CPD for those teaching outside of their expertise.

Robust Governance in place which ensures school leaders are held to account


Behaviour and Attitudes


Ensure there is a consistent behaviour strategy being used across the school

Introduce the dojo system

Embed the Positive Behaviour policy

Staff to have training in de-escalation and positive learning

All staff to be TIS trained

Staff to have greater awareness of social and emotional needs allowing them to have the strategies to develop

Positive relationships with pupils.

Need to contact external agencies to provide better support for vulnerable pupils


Personal Development


Ensure statutory safeguarding measures are met.

Improve break time and lunch time experiences for the children

Provide TIS training for all staff


Effective promotion of SMSC?


Maintain good practice – review on a termly basis


Effective Safeguarding?


Statutory policies and procedures to be implemented


Overall Effectiveness


Safeguarding policies and procedures to be in place

Improved behaviours and attitudes to learning

Quality of teaching to be good or better in all Key stages


Early Years Education


Effective safeguarding systems are in place.

The curriculum is well planned and sequenced giving all children the knowledge and skills for future learning

Real focus on vocabulary, with children gaining good knowledge of phonics

Improved liaison with the Nursery














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